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Brand Story


Wear unlogically, think poetically.

Unlogical Poem is an independent fashion designer brand designed by Timmy tian, (also chief editor and co-founder of the conceptual fashion lifestyle magazine- Little thing Magazine), a graduate from Sichuan Art Institute fashion design major.


The concept and inspiration of the brand can be seen from its name Unlogical Poem, we hope the life can be poetry. But only poetry is not enough. We wish the brand can be interesting, which means out of the logical box, make a twist, from boring to unexpectation.  We like poem, so our collection often get muse from the poet we love (Emily Dickinson, Garcia Lorca…) put elegantly wrote poem lines with embroidery onto the silk clothes and classical shape. We like illogic, so we use limited vintage embroidery mixed with colorful fabric, collaborate with illustration artist to make it quirky.


Unlogical Poem has launched based in collection rather that seasons, we hope each collection can be long lasting, not obsolete with the time. By far, we have launched China Doll collection, Emily Dickinson collection, Lorca collection and woolen needlepoint tapestry collection.

Business Details
Legal Name of Business
Shenzhen Dharma Wheatfield Cultural Communication Development Co., Ltd. Nanshan Branch
113, Building A4, East Industrial Zone, No. 3, Wenchang South Street, 
Xiangshan Street Community, Shahe Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000
深圳市南山区沙河街道香山街社区文昌南街 3 号东部工业区A4栋113
深圳, 广东 518000
Business Phone 186 8239 5091